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Notary Reviewssm is an interactive website created specifically for notaries public who currently work as Notary Signing Agents (NSAs). This is a safe, confidential and professional online environment and unlike other NSA websites, our NSA Forum is only accessible by paid membership. This is the perfect place where members can communicate with one another, share and discuss vital information regarding title agencies, signing services and other signing companies, conduct quick online research as well as post reviews and ratings on companies who hire us.

Although NSAs play an essential role in the financial industry, we are often not as respected as we ought to be. This website was created by an NSA for all NSAs so members can provide supportive and notary sage advice to one another.  Notary Reviewssm  is striving to keep this unique profession at the forefront of the financial/mortgage industries, and to further advancement of NSAs, by providing the necessary tools so collectively we can all do a job well done with each closing assigned, and get paid our fees for the work and service we provide to signers and clients.  So we created the number one marketing tool, each NSA should have access to, called the Notary Reviews & Ratings list.

Our list is actually a modern online centralized database of 500+ signing companies updated daily in real-time. Members post their reviews and ratings for those companies, based on their own actual real working experiences, and is available 24/7 from any device with internet access.

More about notary signing agents

Some NSAs are trained and certified by the National Notary Association while others prefer to use alternate organizations and trainers

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These closings are usually conducted either in the home of the borrower, lender/bank branch or other convenient location like a coffee house or restaurant, notary office....anywhere where they feel most comfortable. 

NSAs are trained to specifically handle borrowers financial and real estate documents used in various types of loans such as residential, refinance, purchase (1st/2nd/cash), new construction, construction, home equity line of credit, sale, reverse mortgage, 1031 exchange, etc.

NSAs are typically hired by third party vendors, such as Signing Services (SS) who are paid to hire and then act as the middle-man between title companies and NSAs. However, NSAs are also hired directly from title companies, credit unions, mortgage brokers, real estate brokers and attorneys. 

Other financial service companies like those that specialize in purchasing and selling structured settlements, lottery payments, annuities, and debt relief agencies often hire NSAs to perform non-notarial duties.  

NSAs are also hired to perform general notary work and non-notarial duties, which may include vehicle, home, business inspections or confidential courier services.

**If you are reading this and would like a career change, or are retiring soon but would still like to work, or need a second job, first see if you qualify to become a notary public by checking your state notary laws. Then contact any of the folks highlighted in the first paragraph.**





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