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 Notary Reviewssm is an interactive website created specifically for notaries public currently working as Notary Signing Agents (NSAs). This website can help newbies or the struggling NSA whose sole income is conducting notary real estate closings and signings. If you're an NSA searching for fair-paying clients or seeking to expand your current business as well as peer-to-peer collaboration, then you've stumbled onto the right website created by an NSA just for you!   

Notary Reviewssm  strives to keep this unique career respectable and professional. Our Forum is a safe place where members can have professional discussions or post questions without any fear of getting belittled or bullied by arrogant, self-righteous NSAs who contribute nothing nor provide any real value to the NSA profession. 

Notary Reviewssm provides NSAs with marketing information-plans, ideas, tools, certification training information, industry news and more. We happily provide such invaluable information so as to ensure our members success in running their notary business efficiently and with the highest level of confidence. It is our sincere belief that by helping one NSA, are helping ALL NSAs and this makes us proud and happy!

If you are an actively working Notary Signing Agent, Loan Closing Agent, Loan Signing Agent or Mobile Loan Closer, and would like to obtain more direct clients, you need to join Notary Reviewssm'll be the best investment you could ever make for career, business and for yourself. 

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There are NSAs who are trained and certified by the National Notary Association in addition to obtaining specific industry training such as Reverse Mortgage, Living Trusts, etc. Our Resources & News has our list of recommended training programs and notary coaches who are the MOST RESPECTED in this industry. In fact there many are million dollar signing companies who ONLY HIRE NSAs who are trained by such industry titans! 

NSAs use their notary public tools to conduct various types of real estate closings-signings which typically involve traveling to the home of the borrower-signer, lender, bank branch, title office, or some other convenient location like a coffee house or restaurant, notary office, really anywhere the client feels most comfortable signing their loan documents.

NSAs are hired by third party vendors called signing service companies, sometimes owned by mortgage companies, lenders or title companies. There are those that also run their own independent signing service company. In certain parts of the country, NSAs are also directly by title agents-companies, credit unions, mortgage brokers, real estate brokers or attorneys. 

There are other companies that hire NSAs such as those that specialize in purchasing and selling structured settlements, lottery payments, annuities, debt relief agencies, attorneys-law firms other companies seeking to hire to a trust worthy Notary Public to act on their behalf as an I9 employment agent. 


If you are interested in a career change, are retiring soon but still want or need to work, either full or part-time, check to see to if you qualify to become a notary public by visiting National Notary Association.


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