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Notary Reviews© is an interactive member only website, created by a Notary Signing Agent (NSA), specifically for notaries public who are working NSA's, NSA trainees, and for anyone who is interested in working in this relatively unknown but very real vocation, seeking financial freedom, self-employment, as well as a successful career.

Notary Reviews© provides its members with current business, career and training information, marketing tips, online tools, a Members Only area where sage advice & conversation from veteran members are exchanged. Members have access to Reviews & Ratings Directory™ (RDD), our exclusive NSA marketing list containing over 800 hiring companies.

Notary Reviews© educates its members by teaching the difference between knowing what they're talent is worth and how to quantify their fees, how to conduct a successful closing, what to say and not say while conducting a real estate closing, as well as learning how to deal with non-payors and hiring companies who offer insulting and unfair NSA fees.

Notary Reviews©  is for the NSA who is willing to do the hard work it takes to create not only a rewarding career, but a successful business!


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