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Now that you have submitted your application, please upload the following documents:

  • Current Notary Certificate or Card (if commissioned in more than one state, upload your home state notary cert only)
  • Notary Signing Agent Certification(s) from any NSA course you've taken. If you took an online course and were not issued a Certificate of Completion, please submit a copy of your most recent receipt you paid for the course. Receipt must have your name, name of course and date.  
  • A clear COLOR copy of your driver's license. We need to verify your picture, full name, address as listed on the application, issue and expiration date. Show your date of birth ONLY if you're purchasing the Super Senior 65+ membership plan. Redact all other information.
  • If you were in the Military, Retired or a Veteran, upload a copy your DD-214 if you're purchasing the Military & Veteran membership plan.​ Redact confidential information such as your social security number and date of birth. We need to see your full name, date of service date and exit. Reserves and National Guard Welcomed!
  • If you are currently taking or have graduated from the Sign & Thrive, Loan Signing System or Notary2Pro Course, submit a copy of your most recent paid receipt for the course. Receipt must have your name, name of course and date.​ Submit the completion certifications for the LSS & N2PRO courses.


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If you're having difficulty uploading the below documents, email these to:


Upload Notary Certificate, Commission or Card

Upload DD-214

Upload Redacted Driver's License

Sign & Thrive Students Only

Have you completed this course? *
Since the course instructor does not issue completion certificates, we need to verify you've taken the course. Therefore, please attach, via pdf file, your last paid receipt. *

Upload NSA (N2Pro or LSS)

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