...the Good, Bad and Ugly!

Carrie rivera, nr guru

Notary Reviewssm  was created/is managed by Carrie Rivera, who is an NSA from Chicago, IL and serves the Admin aka the NR Guru. Ms. Rivera loves and respects the NSA profession, and verily believes as notaries public we should strive to maintain the highest level of integrity, ethics and morals, while conducting notarial services and commissioned as public officials. (What is a Notary Public.)

Notary Reviewssm is an awesome website dedicated to assisting NSAs with their business by providing helpful information such as real time, up-to-date client list, marketing information, ideas, resources, tools, training information, and so much more! 

Notary Reviewssm  is for all Certified NSAs who are actively working towards creating a new career/business or seeking to expand their current general notary public services, in a great, and almost unheard of profession!