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Notary Reviews© founder/owner or staff are not responsible for members opinions, views, statements, reviews or ratings expressed herein this website, nor those expressed or conveyed in our Facebook groups, however, we may support these. Any and all information posted either by the founder, staff or members are not intended to harm, defame, or discredit any of the signing/hiring companies listed herein, discussed, mentioned, reviewed or rated. ALL posts are the expressed opinions, views and experiences from each individual member, staff or founder/owner.


In order to protect the integrity and confidentiality of our members as well as our posted discussions reviews & ratings, owners, managers, and employees of hiring companies such as signing services, title agencies, lenders, directory services, and any other company who specifically solicit and hire notaries to conduct loan closings and other notary assisted projects or assignments for their clients, are never permitted as members.



Notary Reviews© conducts a thorough review and vetting of each and every application, which means, each application is reviewed by an actual human. All documents submitted along with an application are also also reviewed. Application and document review may take 1, 2 or up to 10 days, depending on how many is received on any given day. 

Notary Reviews© has the right to deny membership to any applicant even after they're approved or at will.

Most applicants who are denied, do not meet our Member Requirements.

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