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How to make that first call to get direct work...

Before utilizing the Reviews & Ratings Directory (RDD), its best to first make a list of the companies you're going to contact. This will help you keep track of the companies you’ve contacted and keep notes as to your next plan of action, i.e., follow up with another phone call, email, etc.

Next, check the RDD, as we may have the Closing Coordinator/Manager's name listed in the NOTES section of the company’s profile, which is listed at the end of their profile. 

We will also have, if the company has one, a SIGN-UP or VENDOR LINK for you to click on and sign up on their website or the platform they use. However, in case there is no link or Closing Coordinator/Manager listed, this means you'll have to do a bit of investigative work to find this information out yourself.

To obtain this information, start by checking out the company’s website and what you’re looking for are any links to sign up as a vendor. If none, look for an "OUR TEAM" tab/page, which is a list of individuals in charge of that company such as their CEO, VP, etc. Sometimes they'll have a CLOSING or OPERATIONS MANAGER listed, and if so, BINGO, as that's the person you want to get ahold of.

Now after obtaining this information, you will have to contact this person directly, and yes, this means, to actually pick up phone and make that first call. I know it’s an old fashion concept, but it STILL WORKS!

A couple of issues you may run into when calling.

The first is, if you don’t have a direct number for the closing coordinator or manager, you will have to call the company’s main number. And they may have one of those automated company voicemail boxes, where it directs you to put in the last name of the person you want to speak with. Since you have no clue as to who you want to speak with, try pressing "0", which hopefully sends you to an automated general voicemail box for the company. When connected to the voicemail, utilize the KISS theory. Keep IShort & Simple as far as leaving your message: Example:

  • "Hello, my name is Carrie Rivera, and I need to contact Mr. / Mrs. John or Jane Doe, (or if you don’t have a name…I need to get in contact with your Closing Coordinator/Manager. I can be reached at (773) 255-5766 Monday to Saturday, from 9am to 7pm. Once again, my name is Carrie Rivera, an NSA from (name of your company if you have one) from Chicago, and I need to speak with your Closing Manager, as soon as possible. Thanking you in advance for your time, and may you have a great day!"​​

If you're contacted by the actual person in charge of scheduling their companies closing, BE PREPARED to introduce yourself, and let them know what you have to offer their company if they hire you as a direct NSA Vendor. If they ask questions about your background, let them know first of any reviews on any sites (123Notary or SnapDocs) you've received, and then give them a short list, like one or two title or signing service companies you already work with.  You want to "reel in" your potential client, slowly but memorably.  Remember to have an actual conversation versus spewing out a "this is a robot me script".

After you've had your brief conversation, you really want to make sure to follow up with this person, so ask for their direct email address so you can follow up with them in a few weeks. They may be hesitant at first, but I've not had anyone refuse to give me their email address when asked. I think it’s because of their work ethic as most feel almost obligated to give this information out. I do hope this works for you.

The second issue you may have when calling, is that your connected to a LIVE RECEPTIONIST. The receptionist is the first line of defense and the person you need to get passed to get to the closing manager/coordinator, and don’t worry if you are connected, as this is a good thing. 

Kindly ask to speak with the Closing Coordinator/Manager and ask who that person is. The receptionist may be bullish and not give you this information as it is their job to weed out telemarketers, etc. What ever you do DO NOT LIE and say you want to speak with the closing coordinator/manager about a closing, because the receptionist will ask you for the loan/closing yeah, do not say this!

Instead try to keep the conversation with the receptionist friendly and light, you want to spark up an actual conversation by being honest and letting them know who you are, where you’re from, and that you're trying to get more direct work from their title company (or signing service, lender, etc). Ask if they use a signing service or search using a platform and which one. With any luck, they may be overwhelmed with phone calls, and just transfer you to the person or that person's voicemail box. 

Oh, and more importantly, do not call during EOM, you’ll get nowhere, as everyone in the closing department is running around trying to close loans and not wanting to speak to you about potential work. The best time to call these folks, is during the first two weeks of each month. 

Once you get over the FIRST DIRECT PHONE CALL, you'll figure out what makes you comfortable when speaking with these very important folks and soon you will become an expert at direct marketing calls in no time!


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