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Here's a perfect example of why SS, specifically C2C should not put out training videos (and they have a book coming out, very fkn scary) but they have...shame...shame...shame!
Below in quotes is my comment/reply I left on their first C2C training video on the old YouTube...its long but makes a great point, I think. I couldn't even make it past the first one piece of training is totally incorrect.
So my response to the C2C trainer as far as it being "okay" for the NSA accepting nick names on documents as long as the common name on their id's is correct...***example: becky on docs but on id its rebecca...***
C2C trainer says that Becky is the common nickname of Rebecca, so the NSA should accept the id. More is good on id, not less...
wtf, really...well I said nope, and used my name as the perfect example of why the notary shouldn't accept/do this, even if they have this specific discretion from their state's notary laws. Its long and I hope this makes here it is...
"The NSAs refusal to conduct that closing you mentioned because the name on the docs was actually the nickname of signer, and a different name on signers identification is justified. NSAs should never ever assume, even at their own discretion, the name on the docs is the nickname to the signers common name?!
You are also indicating that the NSA has that discretion if they choose, in accordance to notary law, well, which state are you referring again, that this practice is acceptable, because its not in mine.
The loan documents should have the signers legal name, (in this case) and not a nickname. The error is on the lender or title company for not catching this blatant error.
I'll give you an example of why that advice/training you gave is wrong. My nickname is Cari but I spell it as Carrie. On my id, its Caridad. So what you're saying is that the NSA who see's this, can at their discretion, assume that Carrie is the nickname of Caridad (say I tell them that.) and that they should just go ahead and accept this as proper identification? Are you nuts? Unless the NSA is Spanish speaking, they will never, ever guess that Carrie is the nickname of Caridad.
So I'd rethink this piece of advise you're giving to newbies as it is clearly wrong advice/training."

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