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For starters, there are over 15 now at last count earlier this week, which is just ridiculous!

There are some very good ones, like Notary Reviews©, which is a private FB group only available to our members here on the website...REAL QUICK, It was created many many years ago, and CONTAINS SO MUCH…

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Notary Signing Agents Don't Be Fooled!

Back on April 28th, I received a text from a "Kyli" from SnapDocs who was seeking a Spanish speaking NSA for a closing in my area.
I replied, "I didn't know that Snapdocs was also a signing service?"
She replied, "SnapDocs main business is a signing service. We find notaries for …

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Amrock / Chase Closings...

Second post regarding these ridiculous Door Dash Closings...


An NSA who continues to conduct these AMROCK /Chase closings via the infamous "door dash closings" is an idiot. Unless your state specifically allows you to conduct NOT IN PERSON NOTARIZATIONS, IT IS ILLEGAL!

Witnessing the borrowers…

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Pandemic hopefully stabilizing....

Today marks week 4 where I've not completed any home closings since early March. And the ones that I am conducting, are done in my 
sanitized office including GNW. 

I'm just too scared to go out to anyone's homes right now as I have too many folks at home that are at risk. I'm praying our state 

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Amrock's Door Dash Delivery for NSAs?! Are you fkn kidding


Just when I thought I couldn't get any more surprised in this profession...BOOM, I'm so wrong!


I recently read an email notification from Amrock, then later received a few more from Signature Closers, WFG, suggesting NSAs conduct Door Dash or Curb Side closings in light of the pandemic goi…

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Future Goals....but one really matters.

Although there are many, the main goal is getting a permanent seat at the high table where the powers that be collaborate, create and dictate the financial industry rules and regulations we work in.

Why are NSAs left out and our views, opinions or recommendations for this industry totally ignored? …

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Eternally Grateful....

I am so very proud of Notary Reviews© and I have to say we have come a long long way from back in the day when we were just a small time website originally created to stop a group of horrible and bad signing service owners from defaming certain NSAs by posting false and fake online reviews on their…

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NSA Directories: Are you paying a signing service for closings?

If you're a Notary Public working as a Notary Signing Agent, some may have heard of and are current members of at least one of the Big 3 Notary/NSA directories, namely: Notary Rotary, 123 Notary and Notary Cafe.   

The Signing Agent website is owned by the National Notary Association but for…

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