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For starters, there are over 15+ at last count, which is just amazing. It seems like NSAs with less than a year of experience are creating NSA Groups, and some even calling themselves, "Coaches"....this is just shocking and ridiculous!

As a side note, we've listed a the BEST Facebook NSA Groups in our RESOURCES page, where we feel if you're working in this vocation, you should join, including ours. 

I recently deleted my membership from at least 10 NSA FB groups that had no current posts and didn't offer any real value. I think we should all do this every now and then, to clean up which FB groups we're apart of, and lesson the burden of getting spammed emails or calls.

Not only did I delete myself from these non-value FB groups, but I deleted myself because I was sick and tired of reading the same posts over and over and over again!  The same basic Notary 101 questions being asked over and over! Didn't they take a class? How are they even a notary? 

Also, why aren't the Admins of these groups reminding their members about the SEARCH function located in each group?  If members utilized this wonderful feature more often, they would get their answers quicker, and not aggravate veteran members. But I suspect that some of those folks in these groups either don't know about the search button is/does or are just too damn LAZY (asses) to take a few minutes and do some of their own research. 

Anyway, the reason for this blog...Don't take advice from Facebook Groups...should've read from WATCH OUT ON WHICH ADVICE YOU TAKE FROM NSA FACEBOOK GROUPS...

And the main reason is that there is not a one size fit all answer. We are all regulated by different states, and most have Notary Guidebooks to use as a reference. I would first suggest if you're an NSA and want to join an NSA FB group, look for one that is specific for your state. If there isn't one, look for NSA groups ran by actual Notary Coaches that have years of experience, and not 6 months. 

IF you are a brand new notary public, and want to learn about Notary 101, visit and take their class. Then if you're interested in conducting loan closings, take their CNSA course. You won't regret it. Most of us have take extra courses early on like from Notary Coach Bill Soroka's Sign & Thrive or Carol Ray's Notary2Pro. These will also help fill in the blanks that the NNA courses do not.

Good luck to you all!



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