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Eternally Grateful....

I am so very proud of Notary Reviews© and I have to say we have come a long long way from back in the day when we were just a small time website originally created to stop a group of horrible and bad signing service owners from defaming certain NSAs by posting false and fake online reviews on their website...some of you may remember this...I was a victim then, and NOT anymore!


Notary Reviews© was created by an NSA for ALL WORKING NSAs, and you know what.... its working!!!


Some of our members are NOT just NSAs either. Some folks have chosen to work in this profession either as a side gig to supplement income or who just want to do something totally different career wise. Some of our members are current Physicians, Presidents, VP's & Directors of major corporations, Managers of retail stores, Social Workers and Teachers!


I never ever imagined after relaunching the website in 2018, that it would have quickly gained such popularity in the few years we've been back up and running. I couldn't have achieved this though, without the help of these great folks: #BillSoroka #LauraBiewer #BrendaStone #JenniferNeitzel


I'm truly happy, proud and grateful to ALL of our members, some of whom have been supporting us since the very beginning and for new members who are joining everyday!


Thank you for wanting to join a place where you CAN better your NSA careers by putting in the hard work, positive forward thinking, (thinking outside the box) and only working for well paying clients.


Our members know they can market themselves to a verity and only the very best and recognize when to stay away from the very ugly of signing companies..all based from our database of over 650+ companies, most of whom have been Reviewed & Rated on an ongoing basis.


Keep up the great job Notary Reviewers, YOU GUYS #ROCK!!!

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