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Pandemic hopefully stabilizing....

Today marks week 4 where I've not completed any home closings since early March. And the ones that I am conducting, are done in my 
sanitized office including GNW. 

I'm just too scared to go out to anyone's homes right now as I have too many folks at home that are at risk. I'm praying our state 
new case figures continues to stabilize/decrease, and that the 4/30 target date will still happen as far lifting the statewide stay at home order.

Yesterday, my husband, daughter and I, viewed two homes for sale, we along with our real estate agent, were geared up. 

Thank God the homes were empty. Interesting we had to sign and agree to a Covid-19 agreement, e.g., no one is sick, or had been exposed, etc. 

As we drove around, we were so happy to see folks keeping 6ft away from others, and it was such a great feeling to see folks sitting outside
their homes, everyone seemed so happy just to be out!

Families walking together, or riding bikes. I live near Evanston, IL, close to many beaches, and it was beautiful seeing folks there, walking about,
even on the Northwestern Campus. Surprisingly, some kids were walking around, with masks, carrying small plastic bags which looked
like extra PPE given to them I assume by the school. 

I was, however, very disturbed to find out my neighborhood was listed as the one with the highest cases for our entire state but understandable. 
We have such a diverse community, unlike many of the other neighborhoods in Chicago which are segregated, sucks but its true. 

We have the highest number of diversified folks which is one of reasons I love about our area, but is also disappointing because some are
either not understanding what is going in that they did not get  "pandemic memo" OR they are totally neglecting the fact that we are in a pandemic.

Which then leads me to wonder just how are they getting their information about this sickness in their language...TV, pamphlets, radio? 

I sent an email to our alderman and state rep, asking that pamphlets in the various languages per our demographics, to be sent out to all 
homes in our particular neighborhood. Before this, the flyers which were taped on everyone's front doors, were in English and Spanish only. 

Just hang in there, this pandemic will be over and soon we'll be back to our routines and schedules.

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