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Notary Reviews™ main goal is to educate NSAs by providing member Reviews & Ratings and discussions, as to which companies are Good to work for, which are Bad and should be very wary working for, and of course those that are just too Ugly to even bother with.

Other goals include providing business resources to our members that are exclusive, hard to find on the web or otherwise might be helpful.

This information is ONLY AVAILABLE TO OUR MEMBERS, and not readily available to the general public.

We hope you find the information listed below interesting, insightful, and most important helpful.


The Other Side of the Coin...

Financial Issues in a Post COVID World 

Presented by the American Bar Association Section of Family Law,

BNY Mellon Wealth Management, and Marcum Advisory & Consulting Program Materials


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How To Market Your NSA Business

 Abstracts from this E-book are is a bit dated, 2010, but many of the fundamentals are still relevant today. 

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68 Small Business Resources to Make Consulting Easy

Excellent information, again, it was posted online in 2017, BUT the overall information has not changed. Click on title for link.

The author of the article will be focusing on:

  • Blogs and websites to widen your knowledge
  • E-books to tackle complex topics and help you read more
  • Podcasts to turn dead air into productive listening
  • Posts to give concise insights into practices and principles
  • Pre-made templates which are ready to use in your own organization, or to customize for your clients
  • Tools to improve your stack


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