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Okay, so you're about to answer ALOT of personal questions and about mid-way, you're gonna start thinking, "what am I getting myself into here?" ...which is a very valid question, so allow me to tell you. Notary Reviews...the Good, Bad and Ugly© is a unique and one of a kind subscription membership website, that is truly unlike any other.

If you're actively going to participate, and have been searching for a great NSA resource, or a website where both the experienced and newbies can freely speak their mind without the fear of black lash or getting black-listed, or just want to ask an honest question and receive professional, sage advice, without getting ridiculed or bullied, then NOTARY REVIEWS© IS FOR YOU! 


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(14) Are you the owner, manager, or employee of a company who hires NSAs? *
(15) Are you an actively working Notary Signing Agent? *
(16) How how long have you been actively working as an NSA? *
(17) Approximately how many closings have you completed? *
(20) Are you a current/past member of the National Notary Association (NNA)? *
(22) Have you taken the NNA NSA Certification course and passed a background report? *
(23) Have you taken any of the following NSA courses? Please select all courses taken. *
(25) Are you working Full-Time or Part-time as an NSA? *
(26) Are you currently working as an "EMPLOYEE" or have in the past, in either the financial, real estate, legal, tech, or other similar industries? *
(29) Are you a member of any of the Notary Signing Agent directories? (choose more than one if applies) *
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(35) Kindly email 1) a clear redacted copy of your driver's license (we need to verify your face and home address; 2) Also email a copy of your notarial commission/card and training certifications. (NO BACKGROUND REPORTS) *

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