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All Applicants regardless of which membership plan they apply for, must be a current member of the National Notary Association.

Notary Signing Agents who purchase this membership plan are those who have not taken any additional NSA courses.

These NSA's have been in business more than 20 years or more, long before any additional NSA courses were offered, or were trained on the job.

​Applicants interested in purchasing this annual discounted membership plan, must provide a certificate of completion. 

Completed NSA courses we recognize:

​​​Applicants who are interested in purchasing this annual discounted membership plan, ​​​must be a student of any one of the following courses.

Completed NSA courses we recognize:

Applicants seeking to purchase this annual membership plan must have served in the U.S. Military and submit the following:

  • A redacted color copy your driver's license with VA emblem listed on it if they have.

  • A copy of your redacted DD214 as proof of service.

  • We need to be able to read your full name, rank and dates of service.


Applicants seeking to purchase this annual membership plan, must be 65+ years young, and submit the following:

  • "prove of wisdom" (DOB) on their identification document

  • show first & last name

  • address as listed on application

  • issue & expiration dates

Applicants interested in purchasing this monthly membership plan, must provide the following information: 

  • NNA Member

  • Fill out an Application for Membership

  • Upload a of Notarial Commission or card

  • Upload copy of redacted driver's license, showing picture, first & last name, address, issue & expiration date of the applicant.


Invest in your Notary Signing Agent business by belonging to

THE #1 NSA Online Resource in today's market!


  • All membership plans, except the monthly plan, provide the same benefits. The only difference in each plan are the discount prices offered per plan.
  • Members are given direct access to our website 24/7 and can utilize our exclusive one of a kind Reviews & Ratings Directory™ (RRD) a modern NSA database updated monthly and currently containing 894 hiring companies located nationwide.
  • Members are provided an encrypted, safe and secure Members Only Forum where professional discussions are often held. Members are not bullied, embarrassed, harassed or belittled on this website. All member views and opinions are respected and most importantly, valued.

  • Our Members Only Forum can not be seen by the general public as we care and protect our members, which is the difference between us and the other big 3 NSA sites out there. 
  • Members are offered a variety of NSA Resources, including Marketing Tips, Training Information, and so much more!
  • Members are invited to join Notary Reviews© Facebook group which if utilized correctly, can be a valuable asset as it is filled with invaluable data, perfect for marketing purposes.
  • Launching Fall 2021, all current members will receive a 1 FREE YEAR MEMBERSHIP TO where members can advertise not only their current NSA business but up to 5 other businesses! SO SIGN UP NOW!


**Membership Plans are only available to USA notaries public**

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