...the Good, Bad and Ugly!


(1)  Any applicant who is new or returning to this profession, must have successfully completed a Notary Signing Agent course such as the one provided by the National Notary Association (NNA). 

  • For those that have taken non-NNA NSA courses such as Notary2Pro, Sign & Thrive, etc.,  we do require proof of completion, such as a certificate of  completion, a paid in full receipt for the course, or an email from course instructor. Send this information to: after submitting your  application.  

(2)   All applicants must be actively working as a Notary Signing Agents having completed at least 1 practice closing. 

(3)  All applicants must have at least one (1) verifiable online membership to either an NSA directory such as,, etc., or have a verified listing with a NSA platform such as SnapDocs.

(4)  All applicants must have an internet presence, meaning, you must show that you are actively promoting your NSA service or business somewhere online. An example, would be having an active business website or social media profile with either Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc, displaying your NSA contact information.

(5)  An approval email will be sent to those who qualify along with payment instructions and how to request an account userid and password. If we do not receive a response or payment for membership within 7 days after email sent, your application will be deleted.

(6)  If we need further information, we will send an email to you, so please add and to your email contacts and check your spam folder daily. If we do not hear from you within 7 days after email sent, your application will be deleted.


Thank you for your interest in joining Notary Reviews!