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  • APPLICANTS MUST BE CERTIFIED BY THE NATIONAL NOTARY ASSOCIATION (taken exam and passed) as well as have a FULLY COMPLETED PROFILE, including a current photo of the applicant on at the time of application submission. (No exceptions)  
  • Applicants must have a membership and a FULLY COMPLETED PROFILE with at least ONE of the following NSA Directories, (PHOTO OF APPLICANT MUST BE INCLUDED IN PROFILE AND NOT BUSINESS LOGO:



  • Applicants must be listed on at least ONE of the following social media platforms, with a FULLY COMPLETED NSA PROFILE INCLUDING CURRENT PHOTO OF APPLICANT (NOT A BUSINESS LOGO!):




  • Applicants, who are working as an NSA full-time, must have a fully completed and running website promoting their NSA business no exceptions. Anyone can create a simple business website for FREE by clicking Create FREE Google Website.

(If an applicant involved in another business and has a website, NSA services MUST be included and fully promoted in that website.) 

  • Applicants must submit a REDACTED color copy (pdf, jpg, png) of their government issued driver's license or state identification card. We only need to verify applicants photo, first & last name, address (as listed on application) and issue & expiration date. In addition, for those interested in purchasing the Super Senior 65+ Membership Plan, will need to verify applicants d.o.b. listed on driver's license or identification card as Proof of Wisdom! 

  • Applicants who are interested in purchasing the Military & Veteran Membership Plan please submit a copy of a redacted DD214 as proof of service (need full name, rank and dates of service). Thank you for your service! 

  • Applicants who are interested in purchasing the Student/ Graduate Membership Plan, must have completed either Sign & Thrive, N2Pro or LSS NSA courses AND submit a copy of their certification of completion. (only these courses will get you the discount)
  • Applicants who are students or have completed Sign & Thrive course, must submit the most receipt paid receipt (in pdf format, AND MUST HAVE A TO/FROM NOTARYCOACH.COM TO YOUR EMAIL) or an email of course completion from NOTARY COACH BILL SOROKA.
  • In addition, if you're a student or graduate of the Sign & Thrive or N2Pro courses, it is strongly recommended you join their respective Facebook groups. Once a member of Notary Reviews, you'll receive an email invite to join our exclusive private FB group. Our group is NOT open to the general public, making our group a bit more secure than the other NSA FB groups out there.




Notary Reviews™Members working full-time as an NSA are expected to login to the Members Only Forum (2) twice a month and post (2) two Reviews & Ratings.

Notary Reviews™Members working part-time as an NSA are expected to login to the Members Only Forum (1) once a month and post (1) Review & Rating.

Keep in mind the information provided by our members is a most useful resource for fellow NSA Members who are facing a quick decision as to whether or not they should provide their hard working services to new potential clients and/or hiring companies.

Applicant attests they are NOT an owner, principal, investor, partner, employee, nor have any personal or professional affiliation with a signing service, title agency, company, firm or organization who hire Notaries Public to provide Notary Signing Agent Services or for General Notary Services.

Applicant acknowledges and agrees that Notary Reviews™may vet applicants information listed in their Membership Application, which includes utilizing a variety of online services, including but not limited to using specific websites such as designed to collect and verify applicant's Publicly Available Information.

NOTARY REVIEWS™DOES NOT VERIFY APPLICANTS NPPI (Non Public Personal Information) which is any information not publicly available. 


The above information was last updated on 07/14/2020. 


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