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  • APPLICANTS MUST BE CERTIFIED BY THE NATIONAL NOTARY ASSOCIATION (taken exam and passed) as well as have a FULLY COMPLETED PROFILE, including a current photo of the applicant on at the time of application submission. (No exceptions)  
  • Applicants must have a membership and a FULLY COMPLETED PROFILE with at least ONE of the following NSA Directories, (PHOTO OF APPLICANT MUST BE INCLUDED IN PROFILE AND NOT BUSINESS LOGO:




  • Applicants must be listed on at least ONE of the following social media platforms, with a FULLY COMPLETED NSA PROFILE INCLUDING CURRENT PHOTO OF APPLICANT (NOT A BUSINESS LOGO!):



  • Applicants, who are working as an NSA full-time, SHOULD (not required but highly recommended) have a fully completed and running website promoting their NSA business. IF you do not have one, that is okay but keep in mind, you will need one in the future if you're making this vocation a full-time business or a side hustle. Anyone can create a simple business website for FREE by clicking Create FREE Google Website.

(If an applicant involved in another business and has a website, NSA services MUST be included and fully promoted in that website.) 

  • Applicants must submit a REDACTED color copy (pdf, jpg, png) of their government issued driver's license or state identification card. We only need to verify applicants photo, first & last name, address (as listed on application) and issue & expiration date. In addition, for those interested in purchasing the Super Senior 65+ Membership Plan, will need to verify applicants d.o.b. listed on driver's license or identification card as Proof of Wisdom! 

  • Applicants who are interested in purchasing the Military & Veteran Membership Plan please submit a copy your VA Card or a copy of your redacted DD214 as proof of service (need full name, rank and dates of service). Thank you for your service! 

  • Applicants who are interested in purchasing the Student/ Graduate Membership Plan, must have completed either Sign & Thrive, N2Pro or LSS NSA courses AND submit a copy of their certification of completion. (only these courses will get you the discount)
  • Applicants who are students or have completed Sign & Thrive course, must submit the most receipt paid receipt (in pdf format, AND MUST HAVE A TO/FROM NOTARYCOACH.COM TO YOUR EMAIL) or an email of course completion from NOTARY COACH BILL SOROKA.
  • In addition, if you're a student or graduate of the Sign & Thrive or N2Pro courses, it is strongly recommended you join their respective Facebook groups. Also, once you're a member of Notary Reviewsyou'll receive an email invite to join our exclusive private FB group. Our group is NOT open to the general public, making our group a bit more secure than the other NSA FB groups out there.




Notary Reviews™Members working full-time as an NSA are expected to login to the Members Only Forum (2) twice a month and post (2) two Reviews & Ratings.

Notary Reviews™Members working part-time as an NSA are expected to login to the Members Only Forum (1) once a month and post (1) Review & Rating.

Keep in mind the information provided by our members is a most useful resource for fellow NSA Members who are facing a quick decision as to whether or not they should provide their hard working services to new potential clients and/or hiring companies.

Applicant attests that they do not work for directly (employee) nor personally associated with (as in family owned business), nor is a owner, principal, investor, partner, to a Signing Service, Title Agency, NSA farming out work to other NSAs, nor any other similar organization, including subsidiary companies owned by such organizations, who hire Notaries Public to provide Notary Signing Agent Services to borrowers and/or General Notary Work to the general public.

Applicant acknowledges and agrees that Notary Reviews™may vet applicants information listed in their Membership Application, which includes utilizing a variety of online services, including but not limited to using specific websites such as Been Verified designed to collect and verify applicant's Publicly Available Information.

NOTARY REVIEWS™DOES NOT VERIFY APPLICANTS NPPI (Non Public Personal Information) which is any information not publicly available. 


The above information was last updated on 09/20/2020. 


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