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  • Members must maintain a current criminal background report and furnish a copy upon request. DO NOT SEND BACKGROUND REPORTS UNLESS WE EMAIL YOU FOR IT. PROTECT YOUR REPORTS!
  • Members must submit a copy of their driver's license to We need to verify your picture and current address.  Please redact your DL#, DOB, SIGNATURE and any other information.  
  • Members must have completed a Notary Signing Agent course (not the same as a general notary public course).  If you're NNA Certified, which is preferred, please make sure to provide, on your application, your full name as listed in your NNA Membership Profile as well as your member number.
  • Members who have taken NON-NNA NSA course, please send a copy of your certificate of completion. If you were not given a certification of completion, please have your course instructor directly email the following information: a) your first and last name, b) name of course you took and,  c) date of completion, to​​​
  • Members must maintain an active social media profile with either Facebook or LinkedIn (prefer both). Accounts should have a clear picture as well as NSA business and contact information.  If you're not actively promoting your business, for one reason or another, send us an email with an explanation.
  • Members must login to the website at least (2) once a month. Failure to participate, may result in having their account permanently deleted.
  • Members must post a minimum of (2) Reviews & Ratings per month if working full-time. If working part-time, then commit to submit (1) Review & Rating per month, which can be posted either in the: Members Only Forum, Facebook group or by using the Notary Reviews & Ratings Form located in the Members Only Area. 

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