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Amrock's Door Delivery for notary signing agents...Are you kidding me, what!??

Now I have seen EVERYTHING...
I recently read a post from several NSAs on various Notary FB groups that AMROCK (and Signature Closers followed) suggesting this Door Delivery practice to conduct closings during this historical pandemic.
This illegal practice is just proof that these companies really do think we are just a bunch of lemurs...idiots that will obey at will.
IF any NSA does follow their virus protocol for closings, those NSAs DESERVE to have their notary commissions revoked! Not only are they violating their states' notarial laws, but EVERYTHING THE NOTARY OFFICE REPRESENTS. There is no law that permits cell phones face time to conduct notarizations! C'mon folks this is common flippin' sense!
Following these unlawful signing practices is a true violation of notarial law I'm pretty 100% sure is ILLEGAL.
PLEASE CUT AND PASTE MY POST as I really want these companies to know it was ME that has posted this.
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Future Goals....but one really matters.

Although there are many, the main goal is getting a permanent seat at the high table where the powers that be collaborate, create and dictate the financial industry rules and regulations we work in.

Why are NSAs left out and our views, opinions or recommendations for this industry totally ignored?  

Aren’t NSAs one the MOST important persons at that closing table as we are specifically hired to act not only as conduits between lenders and their customers, but also to successfully close the deal?

NSAs are the ones with boots on the ground and most often the only “live” persons that borrowers physically see and interact with during their loan process. We hear the good, bad and ugly from some of the most brutally honest customers, and far too often it’s how disappointed and dissatisfied they are regarding the products or services they are being forced to swallow either by their lenders, loan officers, title companies, agents or anyone else involved in their often referred to “costly” loan process – and the “cost” is definitely NOT the NSA fee either, as our fee is often a pittance compared to those services that customers “cannot shop for”.

Bottom line is NSAs are NOT RESPECTED as true professionals in this industry!

With the utmost respect to the NNA, they are FAILING in this area and members of the largest notary public organization should demand more transparency of regarding its role, efforts and involvement in the rule making and regulation in the financial industry in our states.

Nevertheless, another goal of Notary Reviews is to help EACH MEMBER learn how to their job well. We should always strive to earn respect among industry leaders by first and foremost, providing nothing but professional notary signing agent services. We need to let our clients know that they are not just hiring a “point and sign” robo-notary!

Notary Reviews can be the VOICE for NSA members. We can let the industry leaders and the powers that be know exactly what our members are going through at the closing table, without jeopardizing our members identity. Members posts and contributions to the Forum and to the Notary Reviews & Ratings List© (NRRL) is truly the NSA VOICE that can potentially be the game changer for our profession.

Why? Because our list contains information which is indicative on how we are being treated by our clients, the good, bad and the ugly signing companies.

NSAs are notaries public who are TRUSTED PUBLIC SERVANTS, who should be treated with dignity and respect by EVERYONE we work with in this industry, ESPECIALLY BY THE HIGH TABLE RULE MAKERS!

Let’s truly begin putting our clients on notice and let them know we are PROFESSIONALS and have NO FEAR of telling our views and opinions in the NRRL© members provide, after all, NSAs are the NEW INFLUENCES in this industry and its about time the powers that be know this!

Eternally Grateful....

I am so very proud of Notary Reviews© and I have to say we have come a long long way from back in the day when we were just a small time website originally created to stop a group of horrible and bad signing service owners from defaming certain NSAs by posting false and fake online reviews on their website...some of you may remember this...I was a victim then, and NOT anymore!


Notary Reviews was created by an NSA for ALL WORKING NSAs, and you know what.... its working!!!


Some of our members are NOT just NSAs either. Some folks have chosen to work in this profession either as a side gig to supplement income or who just want to do something totally different career wise. Some of our members are current Physicians, Presidents, VP's & Directors of major corporations, Managers of retail stores, Social Workers and Teachers!


I never ever imagined after relaunching the website in 2018, that it would have quickly gained such popularity in the few years we've been back up and running. I couldn't have achieved this though, without the help of these great folks: #BillSoroka #CarolRay #LauraBiewer #BrendaStone #JenniferNeitzel


I'm truly happy, proud and grateful to ALL of our members, some of whom have been supporting us since the very beginning and for new members who are joining everyday!


Thank you for wanting to join a place where you CAN better your NSA careers by putting in the hard work, positive forward thinking, (thinking outside the box) and only working for well paying clients.


Our members know they can market themselves to a verity and only the very best and recognize when to stay away from the very ugly of signing companies..all based from our database of over 650+ companies, most of whom have been Reviewed & Rated on an ongoing basis.


Keep up the great job Notary Reviewers, YOU GUYS #ROCK!!!

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NSA Directories: Are you paying a signing service for closings?

If you're a Notary Public working as a Notary Signing Agent, some may have heard of and are current members of at least one of the Big 3 Notary/NSA directories, namely: Notary Rotary, 123 Notary and Notary Cafe.   

The Signing Agent website is owned by the National Notary Association but for whatever reason, they were never  really included in the "Big 3" phrase, at least not that I know of, nor do I know why, nor do I know who coined the phrase the "Big 3". Maybe one of the readers of this blog will enlighten us on this little tidbit.  

Okay, so let's ask the obvious....


WHAT is the deal with all of these new Notary Public/NSA Directories popping up all over the place online?  Well, the first obvious answer that comes to my mind, is to make that $money$ $money$...

WHO are the folks creating these very annoying directories?  Get ready folks, as this may be disturbing for some to read but from what I've learned, the majority of the owners are either current or former NSAs and Signing Service owners

WHY?  So why are signing agents falling for these notary directory listings...I believe for one reason, if not the main reason which is: FEAR.

.....Those who have been working in this industry for more than 10 years, can recall getting slammed during the mortgage meltdown which began in late 2007 and ended... well, who knows if it has really ended...but my point is now more than ever, some notary signing agents are so desperate and hard up to continue working in this industry, that they would pretty much do whatever it takes to get ahead of their competition. We see this daily when those low ball fees that are emailed or text to us, are then snatched up quicker than you can blink, and now we are seeing the same fear with the rise of these uptine number of notary signing agent directories popping up all over online, like zits on a teenagers face! 

.....With the advancement of website technology, creating a really cool fancy directory listing of any kind, is easier now than ever. Its also easier for scammers, spammers and like scum, to utilize this tech, and create websites that strive to rob most users on the internet. Notary signing agents and those in this business are no different. 

.....I'm saddened to see very well known training programs drinking the notary signing agent directory kool-aid. I mean why not right? Its FREE ADVERTISING!  However, what's sad is the belief that their graduates (myself included) will be the first pic off of these endorsed notary signing agent directories? That's not how the real world of picking and choosing NSA's work, and they know this. Having worked in this business for some time now, I've realized that its not ones credentials that get us work, its how cheap your fee is compared to your competition. We can thank platforms like Snapdocs for that, which is the topic of my next blog post ..stay tuned. 


...If a signing service is the owner / behind the creation of a fancy smancy notary signing agent directory, in which you are paying your hard earned money to be listed, like I don't know, say Notary Stars for example, then later you are getting closing gigs from that same SS, well um hate to break it to you but HELLO!! you are PAYING FOR WORK!  Think about it for a minute. Its a very sneaky thing to do, to make money off of the backs of hard working notary signing agents whose fees are already at the bottom of the settlement industry barrel.

...Not saying you shouldn't join these NSA directories, do what you will obviously, just saying if you are, do the research first or better yet, join  and get access to our extensive Notary Reviews & Ratings List©, where we also include various NSA directories as well as platforms.  Join to read the latest, and then add your Review & Ratings>>Member information NEVER POSTED in the listing.  

...The Big 3 NSA directories have been around forever, and are paying big bucks for search engines like Google and Bing so that their members NSA listings and directory listings stay on top of the search page. Investing in these directories will give you a better return for your money, in one or two closings that come your way as a result of your listing. 

....oh and for the cynics>>no payment was received for endorsement of the aforementioned notary signing agent directories. 


-Carrie, Founder of Notary Reviews, the Good, Bad and the Ugly©

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