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Notary Reviews Original History

Sometime in November 2010 the Facebook page and Notary was created so that members could publicly respond to false reviews from two websites which were created to give certain NSAs bad reviews so that no one would hire them. One of the websites was called Notary Bad Reviews, from which the creation of this website came about and the other was called Bad Notary. 

There were only three signing service companies (none are in business any longer) listed as members on each site, and it was assumed that at least one of these companies owners was also the owner of both horrible websites.  Notary Reviews was created as a counter-defensive initiative that let members freely post their reviews of those signing services.

Due to the combined efforts of some pretty amazing NSAs, we were able to convince the web-host providers to take down the sites, but only after threatening a lawsuit whereby they would be listed along side those website creators as co-defendants in a ready to file lawsuit.  The original website ran its course until 2014. 


Notary Reviewsâ„  is a safe online community network for ALL actively working NSAs.



Notary Reviews℠ is a safe online community network for actively working NSAs.

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