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 In November 2010, I created a website called Notary Reviews© ( in order for a few NSAs to quickly respond to false reviews which were posted on two, now defunct websites called Notary Bad Reviews and Bad Notary. These websites were created by a couple of signing service owners who were frustrated and upset that they continued to receive negative reviews from NSAs and wanted to get back at them for this.  There were only three signing service companies listed as members on both of those websites.

These signing service companies, who have since gone out of business, had to be stopped because not only were the negative reviews posted were defaming and harmful to those NSAs who were reviewed, but the reviews were totally false with unsubstantiated information. I was one of the NSAs listed on those websites, and I'd never worked for either of those signing companies who listed me. Well, at that point, I was not about to let those losers get away with defaming my good name or business, so I had to do something and the only thing I could think of was to create a website to rebut those false negative reviews and as a result, Notary Reviews© was created.

During this time, another NSA who was also listed on one of those bad websites, contacted an attorney who started gathering names of other NSAs in pursuit of a class action lawsuit. Once word got out, the website mentioned in the lawsuit, went under. However, the other bad notary website was still up and running and we all were determined to get that site down as well and fast! Due to the combined efforts of some pretty amazing NSAs, who rallied together and bombarded the web-host provider with demand emails the website be removed and why, victory was once again ours as they immediately took the last remaining bad notary website down within hours of receiving our complaints!  

I honestly did not expect to keep the website up for long and planned to remove it once those nasty bad notary websites were taken down. I along with the help of retired NSA James Powell, my right hand man who helped me managed the website, received countless emails from NSAs who indicated they loved Notary Reviews©. Not only were members elated to post rebuttals in response to those false reviews, and were able to post reviews and ratings for other signing companies they worked for, but loved the fact that ONLY NSAs were able to join. Reviews and ratings posted on the website were totally private from the general public in order to protect NSAs from potential harm, and possible blackballing from signing companies who received negative reviews.

There was no other website like Notary Reviews© and the only other website that came close, was not that great either and very expensive to join. That website allowed signing company owners as members who in turn would not only threaten their members who posted anything negative about them, but were also allowed to post fake reviews in order to boost their own companies star ratings. Unfortunately, that website, which is currently stuck in 2002, is still up and running, and has not changed as their goal was not in the best interest of NSAs. Their sole purpose was to create an expensive NSA membership website and sell their members overpriced notary products and insurance.

The original Notary Reviews© (.com) website was kept online until 2014 as I could no longer financially manage the website.  In 2017, I created a Facebook group called Notary Reviews...the Good, Bad & Ugly!© because there was a huge need for an online site where NSAs could post their rants and grips (reviews & ratings) online where their posts could be safe from signing company owners.  Eventually I created the website because Facebook security became unreliable.   

I will forever be grateful to those loyal members who have been with me since the very beginning, and ever so thankful for the opportunity to continue to serve my NSA community, newbies and vets, by providing a safe secured place where we all can come together and share war stories, ask for sage advice and of course, provide reviews and ratings of the signing hiring companies we work for. In order for this website to be even more different from others, I created the Reviews & Ratings Directory™ (RRD) so our members can market to even more hiring companies to increase their profits. The RRD consists of over 880+ signing companies with more being added every day. 

This website is truly created out of love for this profession, and with always the NSAs best interest in mind, first and foremost, always. Our current success is bigger and better than I could've ever expected and I owe it all to our wonderful loyal members.  

Thank you all!

Stay safe and well,

-Carrie Rivera



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