...the Good, Bad and Ugly!


                Getting NSAs a seat at the high table where the powers are creating the rules of not only of industries we work in, but of our profession as well. They’re literally telling us what we should wear, what we should say and what not say. They don’t care how we feel about their rules, they haven’t asked for OUR perspective, and frankly, they don’t give a shit about nor respect the work we provide to their clients. Don’t you think it’s about time OUR VOICES ARE HEARD? They have no idea what we walk into and go through at each closing, nor do they have a clue how vital and important our role as NSAs are in the financial, mortgage and real estate industries.  Look, in order to achieve this goal, NSAs need to stick together as one true united front so we can ALL BE HEARD AND RESPECTED at the table!   


                One of the ways to do this is by becoming a member of Notary Reviews. Members contributions to the website Forum and to the Notary Reviews & Ratings List (NRRL) truly is the NSA VOICE that can potentially be the game changer for our profession. The NRRL contains Reviews & Ratings indicative on how we are being treated by our clients, the signing companies, the good, bad and the ugly who hire us. NSAs are not just notaries public, we are trusted public servants, who should be treated with dignity and respect by all we work with in this industry and especially by the rule makers.


                The NNRL allows us to share with our fellow peers, real closing experiences. Our members Reviews & Ratings begin from that first initial phone call, all the way to the dropping of docs. Our members do not don’t bitch and moan as many have done for years on other NSA members sites having no structure or meaning. Notary Review NSA members are given a suggested guideline so that can FAIRLY asses each client, giving praise and recommendations to the good and the very best, while also providing warnings and calling out the very bad and the ugly signing companies. The NRRL is the BEST NSA BARGAINING TOOL out there!


                Let’s truly begin putting our clients on notice and let them know we have NO FEAR and will Review and Rate them as we are THE influencers of today. Newbies and those returning to this career truly have a great place to join, and receive REAL NSA advice, mentorship and more! Now is the time to get ourselves a set at the high table.

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