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How To Review & Rate Your Clients

(1) Post the full name of the company, address, floor or suite number, main and any 800 phone numbers and their website. 

(2) Members please post your own working experience, no matter how long its been since you worked for the signing company, just make sure that you post your actual closing experiences. 

(3) Please post as much information as you can about each of your closings, WE NEED DETAILS such as:

  • What type of loan was it?
  • How many pages was the closing package?
  • Did you get your fee, was it increased or deducted?
  • Did docs arrive on time, late or never arrived?
  • Were there any issues at the table, with the loan/escrow officer, title or signing service?   

(4) We use a rating system. The more stars a company has the better, less means not so great. If you see a company that has no stars, don't be discouraged, reach our and market your business to those companies, as this is your gain as many good paying clients as possible!

Use This Form Below To Review & Rate Your Client 

How Does My Review & Rating Get Posted To The RDD™?

  • When you submit the above Reviews & Ratings Form™ (RRF) we receive it via email. Our turn around time from when we receive your RRF and updating the RDD is about 1 or 2 days. 

  • However, if you do not see your Review & Rating after 3 days of posting, please send an email to


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