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  • Members are part of an interactive website created specifically for notaries public currently working as Notary Signing Agents.
  • Newbies or struggling NSAs whose sole income is conducting notary real estate closings, signings and general notary work, will be able to obtain seek out and market fair-paying clients and expand current business. 
  • Members have a secure and safe Forum where only professional discussions are held, any type of questions can be asked, all without fear of getting bullied or ridiculed by snarky know-it-smart asses. ​
  • Members participate in NSA-to-NSA networking, can ask and receive sage advice, share and read work related experiences, and utilize our exclusive Reviews & Ratings List.


  • Members receive free Zoom webinars, marketing information-plans, ideas, tools, advice on additional NSA training information, read industry news and more.
  • Collaborating with other members and by learning from NSA vets can guide members in a positive business direction, almost ensuring their success by utilizing tips and tricks of the trade.

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