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Whenever a member submits their Review & Rating Form (RRF) on the website, it will AUTOMATICALLY show up in the database below, which we'll call "MEMBER RAW DATA".  As you can see, the data can be a bit "messy" which is why its manually inserted into the RDD below.



Reviews & Ratings Directory (RDD) AKA Carrie's List 

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Why do some companies have only 1 or 2 Reviews & Ratings (RR)?

>  When you see one, two or more RR, this means that's the actual number of members who have added their work related experience about the company to the Reviews & Ratings Directory© (RDD). Remember this can be done either by posting inside the Member Forum, Facebook group or submitting a Reviews & Ratings Form© (RRF).  New members shouldn't be discouraged by seeing low RR as there are many reasons why members have not yet worked for this company. The important thing to remember is while using the RRD©, members should view the information posted as a new marketing opportunity to contact these companies.

Why do some companies have no reviews or ratings?

>  When there are no RR for any company listed, that is due to the fact that no one has worked for that particular company...yet. YOU COULD BE THE FIRST, so be sure to market yourself and business to that company ASAP!

When I contact some of the companies listed, they say they're not accepting any new NSAs or use their own "in-house"? 

>  When faced with this typical answer, try and keep an open mind that you are selling yourself to these companies and you need to convince them YOU are the best person for their clients.  As rule of thumb, while on the phone with a rep who says this very line to you, is not to get upset. Advise the person on the other line, you'd like to speak with or leave a message for the closing coordinator in charge of HIRING NSA's. If they still insist they use their own in-house employees, politely thank them and hang up.

What do I say if I'm connected to a Closing Coordinator who hires NSAs? 

>  If you're transferred to the hiring coordinator, you have about 3 seconds to get your message to register with them before they brush you off.  So, say their name first to get their attention. Then introduce yourself and let them know WHO you are, WHY you're calling and WHAT services you can provide their clients. Include WHERE you can provide these services, for example, in their clients home, your office or other mutually agreed to place. You can even explain due to Covid 19 Pandemic, you will care for their safety (and yours) by wearing PPE, and are flexible and willing to sign in alternative places, such as the clients garage or their front/backyard (weather permitting). Then end with how you will get those signed documents back to them for example, scanning after closing, and/or dropping off to overnight courier within 1 hour or sooner. Have a professional conversation with this person, and don't just recite the above like you're reading off of a script!

>  If you get a voicemail, don't sputter off your information in one breath! Calmly and slowly, leave your name, name of business if you have one, phone number and email. Let them know you're a professional NSA and that you'd like to know how to register with their company to conduct mobile real estate closings on behalf of their customers. Also, and very important to mention in that voicemail, especially if you're in the same city as the company, that you can come down to their offices if needed to, in case they're ever short handed.

>  If there is an email listed in the companies profile, you should ALWAYS follow up your conversation or voicemail, with a short and sweet email, at least once a week for 3 weeks.

How come when I try to print, it says it'll print out over 100+ docs?

That's because this database is not printer friendly as far as printing the entire database. You can however, print out individual company information. To print, follow the below instructions:

>  Click on the double arrow to the left of the name of the company, once you do this, that companies information will pop up on your screen.

>  Highlight the information you want to print.

>  Once the information is highlighted, right click your mouse, and you'll see the option to print that particular information.

>  You can either print a hard copy of that companies information, or choose to save it as a pdf, or copy and paste the highlighted info onto your own Excel or Google Spreadsheet to use for your personal business information.


For proprietary reasons, the RRD© is not downloadable.


How do I know that the Reviews & Ratings© posted are legit?

>  We trust our members because they are first and foremost notaries public, who have been sworn to provide truth and accuracy, among other things, when they act or work in their public servant positions. If we can't be trusted in our work, then who can?

>  We trust each of our members to be truthful and honest about their working experiences and believe they will be until otherwise proven.


Got a question about the RRD

Notary Reviews encourages all members to ask any question or post your concern about the above, anytime. In addition, if your question is has been most commonly asked, we will post it above along with our reply. Thank you Notary Reviewers!

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