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How THE NRRL AKA "carrie's list" came to be...



Carrie Rivera, owner and founder of Notary Reviews, the Good, Bad & Ugly©, started working as an NSA in 2008 and utilized her 30 year experience and skillset to become successful in this vocation, and a result created Chicago Notary Services™ which paralleled along her first business Chicago Paralegal Services™. In order to keep clients separate and organized, she created her own personal signing company list in a simple Excel spreadsheet.


By the end of 2018 the list had reached over 400 signing companies. Many of the companies listed therein, were obtained (and researched) from many online discussions boards, NSA chat rooms & forums, Facebook NSA groups, and free public directories. To date, the list contains over 600 companies and is growing everyday mainly due to the awesome support and participation of our wonderful members! The NRCL was first published online in 2018 in our Notary Reviews Facebook Group, where members were able to download the list. The purpose of the publication was to help other NSAs market to good paying signing companies. We are very happy that newbies to this profession, are learning how to utilize the list, and only work for the Good, and stay away from and avoid working for the really Bad and Ugly companies. 


The original name to the list was called Notary Reviews Client List™, but was renamed the Notary Reviews Ratings List© (NRRL). The list has also evolved to include the most recent ten (10) reviews & ratings from our members. 

Over the course of the 2018 year, this list pretty much exploded and using the old spreadsheet format was just not working anymore, so in 2019, the NRRL© was converted from spreadsheet to database which is available only to members in our Member Area.

The current NRRL© is much easier to use especially by those NSAs who are constantly on the road and need to check on a hiring companies status, review and/or rating from their smart phones, ipads or laptops.  

Reviews and Ratings posted in our new NRRL© database never includes members names, as Carrie verily believes in protecting NSAs identifies, as much as possible from any type of potential harm companies who are reviewed and rated therein.  


"Notary Reviews...the Good, Bad & Ugly© website was created by an NSA for all NSAs."

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