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The Notary Reviews Client List© (NRCL) is the original creation and work of Carrie Rivera, founder of Notary Reviews...the Good, Bad and UglySM.

PART ONE: The creation of the list

Carrie had started creating her own signing company list in a simple Excel spreadsheet, when she first started working as an NSA in 2008 after she was hired by companies searching for NSAs in her area. Keeping track of how they found her, she discovered that investing in the following NSA directory websites: Notary Rotary, 123 Notary Notary Cafe and the National Notary Association were proven to be very fruitful and life in this career was booming, until the platform wars came. But that is another story boys and girls to be continued in our Forum discussions. ;)


PART TWO: The advancement of the list

The NRCL is now a massive marketing list consisting of companies who were found in online discussions in NSA chat rooms, forums, Facebook groups, and directories Carrie participated in. Additional companies were (and still are) added from simple Google searches, or LinkedIn and other similar business service providers, making the company list to about 550 companies more or less with more hiring companies being added several times a month.


PART THREE: The expansion of the list

The NRCL was first published online in 2018 in our Facebook Group called Notary Reviews. The list now included Reviews & Ratings which came from member participation. The purpose to include these is to purely informational but also to educate NSAs on which companies were really Good to work, which were truly Bad to work, and which ones were the worst/ Ugly and to possibly avoid.


PART FOUR: Bye by spreadsheet

The NRCL was recently renamed the Notary Reviews & Ratings List© (NRRL)  and has expanded to include the last ten Reviews & Ratings from members for various listed companies.

Over the course of a year, this list has pretty much exploded and Carrie could no longer keep using the old spreadsheet as the format of the spreadsheet kept changing, so all of the information from the spreadsheet was transposed over to an extensive database. The current NRRL is easier to use by NSAs who are on the road and need to check on a hiring companies status, review and/or rating via their phones. 

Reviews and Ratings posted in our new NRRL database DO NOT include members names, as Carrie verily believes in protecting NSAs, as much as possible, from any type of harm from those companies who are given low reviews and ratings. 


Notary Reviews...the Good, Bad and the Ugly website was created by an NSA for all NSAs. 

A gift from an NSA working in Chicago, to all of yous NSAs working nationwide!

The original spreadsheet list is still a very useful marketing tool for the working Notary Signing Agent so it is now available for download, free.  

Simply click the blue button below to download it to your laptop, tablet or computer.

Not really recommended for download on your phone unless you can store it in a cloud server 

This downloadable list is in its raw spreadsheet form, and some companies information have not been updated.

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